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BurdIRC is a failure. This project was created after Google decided to remove desktop app from Chrome, which is what my previous IRC client (byrd) used.

I asked many developer friends what direction I should go after Chrome apps where gone, many of them recommended using Electron, and I thought this was a great idea too -- but it proved to be the weak point in this project. Nobody wants to load a full browser stack to run an IRC client.

At this point in time the BurdIRC project, as it is known now, is officially abandoned.

I'm not sad about this, not one bit -- it has been a wonderful learning experience and we now have a lot of code we can port to a better project.

But BurdIRC is not dead!

Since people do not want an Electron irc client, then let's make one without it. BurdIRC is going to be converted to a web client that is run locally, like thelounge. This will allow us to port the client to whatever framework we please, even back to Electron we so choose.

I will also take this time to do major refactoring of the code, and attempt to implement as many IRCv3 features as I can.

Failure is just a part of the learning process. From the ashes of the old project will come only the positive.

Stay tuned.

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Firstly I feel I must state the obvious since I hold an unpopular opinion about a controversial topic. I support LGBT and I support a persons right to do whatever makes them happy.

Now that we got that out of the way lets talk about the effectiveness of sex reassignment as a treatment for gender dysphoria, and why I have a few issues with it.

1. Reclassification of a disorder to ease social stigma

The term gender dysphoria is the result of reclassification of the diagnostic label gender identity disorder. The reclassification was an attempt to "remove the stigma associated with the term disorder."

What is the chilling effect of removing an association of disorder from a person that is suffering immense mental anguish due to a condition they have?

The first step in treatment is recognition of the problem. If we call people bigots for suggesting that a person with gender dysphoria has a problem and needs psychotherapy, then who gets hurt by this in the long term?

2. What is the general mental health of people post transition?

"Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behavior, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population."

The suicide attempt rate among transgender persons ranges from 32% to 50%, and data suggests this rate is not significantly reduced by sex reassignment.

The causes of this may not be related to the surgery itself, but it suggests sex reassignment alone is not enough to treat people with gender dysphoria effectively. We must give more focus to the social health of trans individuals.

3. Social backlash for speaking out

Questioning the efficacy of treatment is important in medicine, but society is more sensitive to dissent than ever before. What type of society will we have when questioning common medicine leads to you losing friends and possibly your job?

I have been called a bigot, a right-wing nutjob... I've been banned from places, I've lost more than a few friends, and I've been judged an idiot over questioning the effectiveness of sex reassignment.

I believe we should treat each other with respect regardless of sex or gender or the surgeries we've had. But this is not enough to please the growing out-rage culture that refuses to accept people that ask the wrong questions.

3. In conclusion

It is my unprofessional opinion that sex reassignment should be followed by extended psychotherapy and monitoring of social health.

A person unwilling to attend psychotherapy should be denied sex reassignment surgery due to the high suicide rate associated with it. I believe we MUST make psychotherapy a MORE important part of sex reassignment.

Even if I'm wrong, which is quite possible, the fact remains that trans individuals are committing suicide and we need to deal with this problem.

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I've been a user of Freenode for years now, but you wouldn't know it from doing a WHOIS search on my nick "duckgoose" -- my NickServ account is only a few weeks old. This is because I had to recreate it after a my account was compromised and dropped (deleted).

Now it's not Freenode's fault someone was able to get into my account -- because I was dumb enough to use a shared password. However the lack of security with Freenode's NickServ service made it very easy for the attacker to lock me out and delete my account. Allow me to explain how.

On the night of incident I was on Freenode doing what I do best -- nothing of value. My session of procrastination was interrupted when I was disconnected by NickServ. A scumbag ghosted me off my own account!

So someone has my NickServ password and has knocked me off, so what do I do now? This is where the first issue is.

If someone is on your account, then you can't change the password.

Do this test for yourself. Find a user that is logged in to NickServ and try to do a "sendpass" command on their nick. E.g. I did a sendpass request for the nick "pronk" and got the following: -NickServ-: This operation cannot be performed on pronk, because someone is logged in to it.

Why?! I was not able to request a new password because the attacker was logged in to my account and he had changed the password. He didn't have access to my email so if I could have set a new password (using sendpass) I could have easily solved the problem myself.

So I couldn't change the password. All I could do was sit and watch him pretend to be me while begging staff to help. When I was finally able to get hold of a staff member the attacker already dropped my NickServ account. This is my second beef with Freenode.

There is no email verification for dropping a NickServ account.

Dropping an account is a big deal -- you can't get it restored. I found this out for myself. But why not have simple email verification before dropping an account? It's a pretty easy thing to add, and it would have saved my old account. However this would all be pointless because of another problem...

Email changes are done without verifying the old email

So if I had your NickServ password I could kick you off, change your password, change the email, and then there would be nothing you could to get your account back.

Email updating should not be done without giving the user of the old email address the chance to cancel the request. This is basic account security.

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Before calling me a "libtard" consider that I'm not a liberal, I'm not "leftist" and I am not furthering any kind of agenda. I'm just a man that makes my own choices, based on my own research.

I am not a supporter of Hillary, either. Some people believe you have to pick one or the other, but that isn't true. Both Trump and Hillary are pieces of shit and making a contest about which is worse is nothing but a waste of time.

I consider myself a libertarian, a firm believer in personal freedom and the constitution. I would never put these values on hold for any reason, and when I see someone threaten them I do not take it lightly.

I have compiled a list of reasons why I choose not to support Donald Trump.

He hasn't accomplished anything

Like most Presidents, Donald Trump made a lot of promises and hasn't done a lot of delivering.

  • He promised to repeal Obamacare, but failed to get it done.
  • He promised Hillary would go to prison, but she hasn't.
  • He promised a travel ban, but lost it in the courts.
  • He promised Mexico would pay for a wall, but they haven't.
  • He promised to bring manufacturing back, but hasn't.
There are more, but you get the point.

He's addicted to social media

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I think social media is a terrible use of technology. Donald Trump uses social media to engages in immature arguments when he should running our country.

He denied Russian meddling

No I don't believe Trump colluded with Russia to get elected, but his denial that Russia even meddled in our elections wasted a lot of time that could have been used in investigating the issue. Russia attacked us digitally and Trump denied it even happened.

He wants to take guns before having due process

What if Obama said "I like taking the guns early". You have to admit that you wouldn't stand for that, But when Donald Trump said it he was forgiven immediately. People of his own party would rather back him up than admit he's shitting on the 2nd amendment. I do not forgive him for this.

He doesn't consider captured veterans as war heroes

"He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured." This is one of Trumps moronic statements that really bothers me. What does it mean? He doesn't like veterans that were captured?

I do not understand or agree with hating someone because they where captured during war.

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Note: this is a blog post I made after having a heated debate with a friend. I would like to note I do not have a problem with people making a personal choice about being vegan.. I only take issue with people who try to force their diets on others.

Note: You can probably feed your pets a healthy vegan diet if it has the nutrition they need. Please consult a veterinarian before attemping it.

I'm an animal lover and I like to believe I keep a fairly open mind. I also know a few vegans and I have listened to their views and concerns, and I have done my own research on the matter, which was lead me to the following thoughts.

Veganism is not altruistic

If vegans are in it to end animal suffering then why do so many of them force a plant based diet on their carnivorous pets? An example of this is a case where a nearly-dead kitten was saved at a North Melbourne animal hospital after it's owners attempted to force it to eat a vegan diet.

Now you might say to yourself "well that's just an isolated case", but this simply isn't true. You can find many articles and how-to's on google about forcing this type of diet on your pet. And PETA, an often mis-guided animal rights group, encourages vegan diets for carnivorous pets, claiming that it is "healthy".

However, an actual doctor of veterinary medicine, Leanne Pinfold, makes it very clear -- carnivores need meat to live.

The truth is veganism is just another ideology, and like most it's spread through lies, deception, and ignoring research and reasoning that does not align.

Vegans use their diet to shame people

If you're a meat eater and you know a vegan, or have met one, then you probably know this all too well.

They often tell you that you're the cause of animal suffering, that you're unhealthy, that you're going to get cancer, or they tell you how much better their life is because they're a vegan.

One of their most popular ways of shaming people is by saying they're living the way humans where "mean't to live."

Not eating meat does not save animals

If you thought you where going to save a few cows by your avoiding the beef section alone then you're wrong -- It would take a mass number of vegans to effect supply, and that isn't happening currently.

The demand for meat will exist weather you buy it or not. There are plenty of people that don't share your views or are simply too poor to do so. Even if the demand for meat dropped in the short term the price would drop also, which would encourage poor people to buy the product, which would fuel new demand. Poor people don't eat things based on morals, they eat things based on need and availability.

You know whats in low demand? Meat from free-range cows. You would do more to end animal suffering if you bought meat from brands that treat animals well, much more so than avoiding meat altogether.

Agriculture is good for society and nature

You're reading this on the internet, right? It's a such a great place to rant about meaningless shit -- and we can thank agriculture for it, along with most everything in a modern society.

You see, back in the old days we didn't have much time to ponder science, math or technology. We where too busy trying to find food to keep us living. Eventually we figured out that if we raise meat animals ourselves then thats a lot less time we have to spend finding them in the wild. That gave us time to create other things, like a modern society.

Agriculture has also saved wild animals from being hunted into extinction. We have eaten meat since the cave man days. Back then we hunted most of the animals we ate, which was ok when there wasn't so many of us. Thankfully we have modern agriculture now, so we replenish the animals we eat.

The animals we farm for meat, like cattle and broiler chickens, are NOT wild animals. In fact if these animals where released to the wild they would die in short order. They exist only because we eat them.

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Remember when I said this project was dead? I really did mean that, and after I said this I switched to hexchat. But man is hexchat ugly... I just couldn't stand to use it. I missed my own client.

I did some testing with Electron and found that it's about 120mb of disk space, and uses about 80 to 100mb of memory. That's not great, but on the other hand the CPU usage was 0 most of the time.

Given these specs, and modern hardware, I don't think running my IRC client in Electron is a huge burden. In fact I think it's worth it -- to me at least.

The TL;DR is: I'm moving Burd IRC to Electron. I'm going to finish this project because I need it.

If you use Windows or Debian along with a DE then I'd like to have you as a beta tester. Send me an email if interested.

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simple-irc is a node.js socket wrapper for IRC. This code was written out of frustration with the poorly designed irc libraries for node. None of them worked as I desired so I made my own.

You can find this project on my github page at https://github.com/haxednet/simple-irc. The project is licensed under MIT. Pull requests are welcome!